Tory Lanez Father Clears the Air Regarding Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Since the shooting of Meg Thee Stallion has hit the internet, social media had been up and down in a frenzy. Many fans and celebrities friends have chosen sides between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion since Megan has identified Tory as her shooter.

After weeks of silence, Tory Lanez dropped an album titled, “DayStar” on September 25th, the day of his late mother’s birthday to explain his side of the story. Daystar is the singer’s birth name, Daystar Peterson. The Canadian singer claims to not have shot Megan and gives fans more details than they thought they would receive.

Tory has called out many celebrities in his new album including Kehlani and Jojo who decided to remove the singer from their collab song with him.

If no one has Tory’s back, it’s safe to say that daddy shark will be there! Sonstar Peterson cleared his son’s name in an interview with Milagro Gramz on Mob Radio, claiming that “Daystar is innocent.”

When asked about his son putting his truth into this album Sonstar responded, “It’s not new for him to put it in the music.”