Tommie Lee Denies Doing Cocaine After Arrest On Drug Charges, Takes Drug Test

Tommie Lee recently addressed recent news that authorities arrested her in Miami on drug charges, including possession of cocaine and breaching the peace. Moreover, the reality TV star denied any and all claims that she used or possessed coke. In a lengthy rant uploaded to social media, she expressed that she’s around a lot of people that use the drug, and that her friends would back up her avoidance of it. In addition, Lee shared that she’s never had to respond to accusations like these before, and that people are taking the story out of proportion. It’s still quite early in the news cycle, so we’ll see how this develops in the future.

Furthermore, Tommie Lee blamed an “overzealous cop” for overblowing the arrest and coming to false conclusions. Not only that, but the “Love & Hip Hop” star shared her frustration with people, whether authority figures or online users, treating her like a joke. “Stop this nonsense we’re not going to keep trying to run with this very tired story,” she captioned a video of her getting a hair drug test. “It’s not me will never be that drug doesn’t fit my aesthetic at all STOP IT!!”

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Tommie Lee Denies Ever Doing Cocaine, Blasts Drug Charges & Tests Herself

In addition, Tommie Lee shared plans to take a blood test and footage of her getting a urine test. Previously, her team claimed that she actually had her friend’s epilepsy medication on her during the arrest, not cocaine. “They chose to handcuff and arrest her on grounds of drug possession, despite the fact that the “drugs” were, in fact, her friend’s epilepsy medication,” they stated. “They seized upon this as an excuse for her arrest when no other valid reason was evident. It’s completely understandable that she felt infuriated by this unjust treatment, especially when she was spending her own hard-earned money.”

Meanwhile, considering the 36-year-old’s previous struggles with substances, hopefully her side of the story true. What’s more is that her arrest followed a reported altercation at a restaurant with an employee, and claims that an intoxicate individual threatened her. Surely more information surrounding this indecent will emerge in the near future. With that in mind, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Tommie Lee.

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