Tom Brady Calls Pusha T’s ‘It’s Almost Dry’ Album Of The Year

Pusha-T isn’t the only one saying that It’s Almost Dry is the album of the year.

Tom Brady used Pusha T’s Kanye-produced song “Dreaming Of The Past” as background music in a promotional video for his new apparel line, BRADY Run. Push then responded to the video, once again declaring It’s Almost Dry, rap album of the year.

“Wow, @TomBrady really listening to the rap album of the year!!!” Push Tweeted. “#ItsAlmostDry#DreamingOfThePast !! Check him out…”

Tom Brady, who in recent years has been more active on social media and developing a brand outside of football, gave Push a cosign, tweeting that the Virginia Beach MC’s latest album is in fact, “Album Of The Year!”

Push then took to Instagram where he posted Brady’s cosign, with the caption “BRADY SAID WHAT HE SAID!!” 

While this might be Push’s first major cosign from someone outside of music, this certainly isn’t the first time Push has given the “album of the year” distinction to It’s Almost Dry.

During his concert at The Novo in Los Angeles, last month, Push declared his Pharrell and Kanye-produced album, “rap album of the motherf*cking year,” adding “they can’t f*ck with me!” It’s Almost Dry also became Push’s first #1 charting album having sold 50k copies in its first week.