Tokyo Toni Speaks on Daughter Blac Chyna’s GRAMMYs Look: ‘It Was Terrible’

Blac Chyn’a mom, Tokyo Toni, is shading her daughter’s Grammy fit. Chyna hit the Grammys in Black and feathers and Toni is wondering why.

“I text Chyna this morning when I found out and saw it,” Toni said. “I asked what in the H is this. Who are you trying to not impress? And was this the guy that lives with you, because this looks like his style.”

She added, “It may have been a little mean, but it was deserved.”


In short, “It was terrible.”

Toni stated she rather saw her daughter in a nice gold dress with some blonde hair.

“The guy that lives with you” is a reference to Twin Hector, Chyna’s new boyfriend. You can see him below.