Tiny Thinks Bill Cosby Should Get Home Confinement Due to Coronavirus

In the latest episode of The Tiny Jo Show, co-hosts, Tiny Harris and Shekinah Jo Anderson made controversial comments about Bill Cosby.

There has been a nationwide call for inmates doing time for non-violent offenses to be released as the coronavirus poses as a threat to the prison system.

“I f*cking love it,” Tiny said about the possibility of the disgraced comedian getting released.“No disrespect to the women that were involved,” she disclaimed. “I just feel like Bill [Cosby] is older, and he’s been in there doing his time. I’m not sure how much time he did.”

The 82-year-old was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby was accused by at least 60 women of sexual assault.

“I think it’s fcked up that you women did that to Bill,” Anderson responded when asked how she felt about the case. “’Cause nine times out of ten, real talk, y’all was trying to fck y’all way to to the top.”

Check out the full episode below: