The Ying Yang Twins Recall When Jay-Z Once Accused Them Of “F**kin’ Up My Money”

If there was one hip hop group that had the early 2000’s clubs in a chokehold, it was the Ying Yang Twins.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, D-Roc and Kaine spoke on the success of their 2002 single “Say I Yi Yi.” They said that they originally submitted the song to Universal Music Group, but passed on it. From there they got a one-album deal with Koch who ended up releasing the single.

According to the duo, the song was getting tens of thousands of spins a week on the radio. While many loved the song and wanted more from the Ying Yang Twins, the song’s success earned them a call from Jay-Z, who was less than thrilled.

“66 thousand spins a week,” Kaine said. “He said I gotta sell a fuckin’ Sidekick Motorola to sell my Fade To The Black album. This shit ain’t cool. You new n***as fuckin’ up my money and he hung the phone up on us.”