The Source |Ran Christian And Sophelia “Search” For Love With New Single + Video

Harlem Heartthrob Ran Christian teams up with the Swedish Soultress Sophelia to curate a passionate love themed single titled “Search,” produced by Rick Steel. With themes of invigorating love by intoxicated their respective lovers with their presence and finding out each other, this track embodies the essence of finding love in relationships while establishing trust. 

Search” starts the song with the duo belting out a memorable hook where they showcase perfect harmony with Sophelia’s soft and smooth voice that balances out Ran’s soulful, bluesy tones. Deep and passionate, the single hits on multiple deep themes of trust and respecting space in the verses of the song. 

This particular line, belted out by Christian states, “Fixing us is all mental, can’t close this text with no answers. I can’t live without you,” illustrates the meaning of the title that he is searching to rekindle the love that began the relationship between lovers. 

A sultry video shot in purple lighting accompanies the single, and it effortlessly captures the essence of the song. Sophelia showcases her flawless beauty in conjunction with Ran belting out the lyrics while being crisply captured on camera. The duo is in their zone with “Search,” which sets up the stage for more significant moves for the rest of the year for the two. 


Ran, in particular, has big plans for the rest of 2020, regardless of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic that’s affecting the world with an upcoming album titled “Ran Christian Last Chance” which is also produced by Rick Steel and single titled “Tell Me” featuring rapper Miano. 

Running to the throne in the R&B game, Ran Chrisitan deserves to be mentioned among the next up categories in the genre. To assist his journey there, “Search” the new single on any streaming platform.

Watch The official Video here.