The Source |Hip Hop Photographer Chi Modu Sues The Notorious B.I.G. Estate Over Picture

A well known photog from the Hip Hop community has been trying to hawk snowboards bearing the likeness and image of the Notorious B.I.G. is suing the estate of the late Christopher Wallace over a picture he took over two decades ago.

Chi Modu is suing Notorious B.I.G., LLC, claiming that the estate owes him more money for the iconic 1996 pic of Biggie in a Kangol and Coogi sweater in front of NYC’s Twin Towers(RIP).

Modu is seeking $100K a year for the pic, alleging that he was receiving much less from the estate for his work.

Modu has taken classic flicks of other legendary rappers including Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur, but the Wallace family has labeled Modu a parasite.


“The person who presses that shutter is the owner,” of the image, Modu said. “As copyright holder, I’m the person with the first right to exploit it. This is a fight for the artist, because artists aren’t earning a living wage.”