The Source |Chuck D Admits Flavor Flav's 'Termination' From Public Enemy Was a Publicity Stunt

Do you remember when Flavor Flav supposedly got kicked out of Public Enemy? Well, that never happened.

Chuck D sat down with Talib Kweli and People’s Party and said the beef stemmed from Flav issuing a cease and desist after news broke that Public Enemy will be performing for Bernie Sanders’ campaign rally.

Flavor don’t know the difference between Bernie Sanders, Barry Sanders or Colonel Sanders,” he joked, before adding, “We already talked about this beforehand. Public Enemy Radio went up, his lawyer sent a cease and desist, I’m like, ‘Good move.’ Then, publicly, I’m like, ‘Man, you don’t sue me again.’ He ain’t suing me. But I can say it!”

“I’m not saying it’s a hoax. I’m saying the original intention was to get your attention,” Chuck D concluded.


Kweli brought up the fact that Flav can’t be fired. “He can’t, he’s a partner,” Chuck confirmed. But the emcee did reveal that the group has new music that is slate to release on April 1 called, “Food as a Machine Gun.”

“It has the chance to be probably the most significant hip-hop record of our time,” Chuck proclaimed.

Watch the interview below.