The Jets Should Grab Philip Rivers, Claims Antonio Gates

LA Chargers legend Antonio Gates has advocated for his former QB to take over for the Jets. Speaking with TMZ, Gates said that Philip Rivers should take over Aaron Rodgers. “Philip is someone that’s definitely capable of doing it. Just because the mental capacity that he has,” Gates said. It’s not the first time that Rivers, who retired in 2020, has been considered for a return in recent years. Reportedly, the Niners considered Rivers as an option if they made the Super Bowl last season. Rivers currently coaches St. Michael Catholic High School in Fairhope, Alabama.

However, Gates did also concede that the Jets were probably making the right call elevating Zach Wilson to QB1. “I’m sure they got him in position to go out and still try to make plays and help them win football games.” Head coach Robert Salah as been clear that the Jets will be rolling with Wilson. While the team will be adding a third QB, they are taking their time and not directly looking for a QB1 replacement.

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Wilson Looking To Give The Jets Rodgers 2.0

He might not be Philip Rivers, but Wilson is looking to show his team that he’s learned a lot from Aaron Rodgers. “I feel like I’ve been trying to copy every little thing he’s doing, from his footwork to the coaching tips he has given us. He’s done an amazing job, more than we could ask for as quarterbacks,” Wilson told reporters this week.

Furthermore, Wilson is also looking to shrug off the 2022 season and its many woes. The younger QB was demoted to third-stringer late in the season after a terrible campaign in New York. “I don’t think I need to think of it like that, I think how I can go out there and play football will earn that trust back from those guys. I would say I have a very good relationship with everybody in this locker room. The stress of things sometimes can make you not love [football]. This year, it’s been: How can I spend more time with my teammates and coaches rather than focusing on being hard on myself? … Now I’m just having tons of fun.” Wilson will open his campaign as the starter against the Cowboys.

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