The Formula Of For A Perfect Single: JGOTITT Drops “Bounce That Ass”

With the recent release of “Bounce That Ass,” a follow-up to “Dripp,” the urban artist known as JGOTITT exposes himself as an established creator. His recent release positioned himself on the hip-hop map scene as a talented and hard-working artist inspired by OG rap and breathing fresh air into the old school style. However, “Bounce That Ass” clearly indicates his unapologetic level up and sets the bar higher for those who want to enter the scene. His lyricism is urban to the very core, and his music is more mature with deep-hitting beats, smooth soundscapes, and professional productions. 

The visuals for the track’s music video show beautiful women bouncing that ass around the artist while he raps. His charisma totally steals the show. Nothing can distract him from his craft, not even the twerking ladies or the money thrown here and there. The final result is a very entertaining music video perfectly matching the track.