The Alchemist Reveals Jay-Z Is The Rapper He Wants To Work With Most

The Alchemist is one of the most respected producers in the game. His name is synonymous with quality, whether he’s working with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, or Larry June. The mere fact that he can work all three of these artists denotes a versatility that few producers can match. That being said, The Alchemist is not content to sit on his laurels. He may already have a Hall of Fame resume, but he talked about his dream collaboration during a recent interview with NFR Podcast.

The Alchemist and Cardo linked up to discuss their career goals, and the former made it very clear who he wants to work with: Jay-Z. Somehow, The Alchemist and Hov have yet to officially work together. This is something the producer wants to remedy as soon as possible. “Jay always been on my list,” he stated. “I been saying it for a hundred years. It’s Jay-Z. I would love to. We linked but I keep the faith.” He made it clear that there’s no ill will between him and Jay. He asserted, though, that he’d only want to collab with the Brooklyn rapper if the desire was mutual.

The Alchemist Has Known Jay-Z For Twenty Years

For The Alchemist, it’s all about respect and creative unity. “At this point, I hope it would be a mutual thing,” he explained. “Like I would want to work with somebody that would wanna work with me. There’s a couple that’s brewing that’s like bucket list sh*t for me that I hope happens. I still have hopes like that.” The closest The Alchemist and Jay-Z got to working together was on the 2020 Jay Electronica album, A Written Testimony. The Alchemist produced the song “The Neverending Story,” which Jay-Z eventually spit a verse on.

The Alchemist and Jay-Z have actually known each other for decades. They first met in New York in the early 2000s, which the producer recalled during a For the Record interview. “[Jay] leaned in my ear and was like, ‘Yo when you gonna stop wasting them beats?,'” he stated. Jay-Z was responsible for getting The Alchemist and Beanie Sigel in the studio together, and he even got a chance to hear the producer’s breakout beat, “We Gonna Make It.” The Alchemist claimed that Jay actually passed on the beat before it went to Jadakiss. Hopefully the producer gets his collab sooner than later.

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