Tasha K Seeks Dismissal Of Kevin Hart Lawsuit

Tasha K is reportedly seeking to have the defamation suit filed against her by Kevin Hart dismissed. Per a statement from Tasha K’s company, “Hart failed to plea specifically which statements they contend are false and defamatory or which facts they contend are true and an invasion of privacy.” In short, Tasha is arguing that Hart’s lawsuit is too vague to be considered valid.

The whole situation stems from an interview Tasha K conducted with Hart’s former assistant. The woman made a number of bombshell claims, such as Hart engaging in an affair and being unable to pay staff members due to gambling debts. Hart’s suit claims defamation, violation of an NDA, and that Tasha tried to “extort” $250K from him in exchange for not publishing the interview. A judge has yet to rule on the dismissal motion.

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Kevin Hart Clowned After Katt Williams 40-Yard Dash

However, Tasha K isn’t the only person that Hart is currently feuding with. Hart and Katt Williams have traded blows back and forth after the latter’s Club Shay Shay interview last month. Things continued to spread long after the interview, especially after gym footage of Williams emerged. Footage has emerged appearing to back up Williams’ claim on Club Shay Shay suggesting that he can run a sub-4.50 40-yard dash. In the video, Williams is seen running the 40-yard dash in 4.47. That’s the same time that first-round pick Sauce Gardner ran in 2022. It appears that Williams wasn’t kidding about keeping himself in good shape.

However, fans used the video to further the beef between Williams and Kevin Hart. The actor and comedian took to social media in August 2023 to post a few videos of himself rolling around in a wheelchair. According to Hart’s video, he tore his torn lower abdomen and torn abductors while attempting to outpace former NFL star Stevan Ridley in a 40-yard dash. Ridley played eight seasons in the NFL between 2011 and 2018. Hart was reportedly sidelined for about six weeks thanks to the injury.

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