Tae UMG And Tyblee Get Bold On New Collab “On My Own”

When artists want to revolutionize the genres that they create, it does not always come out good. When doing something new in hip-hop, the chances to get appreciation is even lower. However, that fact did no hold back two talented urban beasts Tyblee and Tae UMG from making bold and brave experiments in their new release “On My Own.” The song is yet another collaboration between the two hip-hop geniuses. It brings back the best of hip-hop and rap culture while adding to it the signature sounds of both artists in perfect sync and chemistry. 

“On My Own” is the representation of their artistic vision. It creates a strong atmosphere and vibe with swag and groovy melodies and heavy-hitting beats. The release sets a brand new trend in the hip-hop world with its highly sophisticated nature. Remrod caught the spirit of the song perfectly and made a matching music video with expressive visuals that definitely deserve to receive special attention.