T-Pain Recalls 50 Cent Moisturizing His Hands For Him For Music Vid

T-Pain has had some interesting encounters over the years of his musical career. Case in point: He had an odd interaction with famed rapper 50 Cent when the two of them met for the first time while shooting a music video. “I’m not trying to, like, shame the man,” T-Pain said on a live social media feed with a handful of his friends. “I’m just saying how thoughtful he is. The n*gga saw that my hands was ashy, and he put lotion on my hands.”

T-Pain goes on to say that 50 Cent grabbed his hands in the middle of shooting a music video and got in between the fingers, moisturizing his hands thoroughly. The auto-tune rapper, born Faheem Rashad Najm, has been in the music business for longer than one might think, getting his start back in 1999. For 50 Cent, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson III, he got his start back in 1996. The two hip-hop icons have come up and become incredibly famous together, but this first interaction is definitely odd.

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Why Did 50 Cent Put Lotion On T-Pain?

According to the No Jumper Instagram caption, “T-Pain says 50 Cent put lotion on his hands for him at a music video shoot because he noticed his hands were ashy.” This is not how rappers typically introduce themselves. But T-Pain swears this is a testament to how kind and thoughtful Fiddy is to his fellow rap peers. T has been making all sorts of observations and recollections recently, calling out Drake — in a joking way — for making “simp music.”

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is looking to have one last ride. The “50 Cent Final Lap” Tour starts on July 21st in Salt Lake City, UT. It ends domestically in Toronto on September 22nd. He will then take the show internationally, going from Amsterdam on September 28th through Europe, India, and ending in Oceania. His alleged “final” live performance will be on December 14th of this year in Auckland, New Zealand. Whether this is truly his “Final Lap” is speculative at best. As for T-Pain, he’s no doubt going to keep reminiscing about his storied past.

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