T.I. and Tiny Sue Toy Company MGA Entertainment, Inc. for Likeness Associated with OMG LOL Surprise Dolls

Words by: Brandon Simmons

T.I. and Tiny are set to go to court against MGA Entertainment, Inc. They are suing the toy company over the inspiration for the OMG LOL Surprise Dolls. The Harris family believes the company used their group, the OMG Girlz, as the inspiration for their dolls.

MGA Entertainment, Inc contends that T.I. and Tiny have no proof of having the OMG Girlz intellectual property. They also claim that T.I. and Tiny lied about having a deal to make a doll modeled after the OMG Girlz. T.I. spoke about this matter in a post on Instagram.


”Preventing our daughter’s image and likeness from being exploited is not about money, its about protecting art and the creator of that art from blatant theft. This is more principled than it is financially motivated. However, if there are finances that have been attained & withheld unfairly that our families are entitled to…WE WANT IT!!!”

– T.I.

This isn’t the first time the prominent toy company has been sued over using someone else’s likeness. In 2020, social media influencer Amina Mucciolo accused MGA of copying her image for one of their dolls. This matter is still ongoing. The toymakers of the OMG LOL Surprise Dolls have documented that they are not modeled after the OMG Girlz. This includes a survey of people who did not associate the dolls with the OMG Girlz.