Swizz Beatz Refers to Drake as ‘P*ssy Boy’ Several Times During Live Stream With Busta Rhymes

There is no doubt about it that Swizz Beatz is one of hip-hop’s heavyweight producers. Over the weekend, the producer may have just put his foot in his mouth after a live stream with Busta Rhymes left fans a little confused.

When speaking about a song that was recently leaked last week by Busta Rhymes and Drake, Swizz Beatz repeatedly referred to Drake as a “P*ssy Boy” causing the internet to go up in a frenzy.

DJ Akademiks, took to his Instagram to explain what he believed was going on, as many were in shock. “For those who were confused… lol I don’t even know what’s going on .. #swizzbeatz was on live and called #drake “p*ssy” like 300 times lol. He did say tho there ain’t no beef… it was beef he’d shoot his plane out the sky. Pray for Aubrey.”

Swizz Beatz took to his Instagram to address the madness and apologize for his actions. “I want to address my actions on Zone Radio, last night man. Mainly cause I was in the wrong space, I was in the wrong energy. I hate that my kids and other people go to see me be on that side.”

“I definitely spoke on some things that I definitely shouldn’t have spoke on. Although I might feel a certain way about a person and different things like that, as a G- I’m man enough to say that I did that on the wrong platform and I wasn’t supposed to do it like that.”

Not everyone would be quick to forgive and forget though. Drake’s right-hand man, Chubbs took to his Instagram story in response to the producer’s apology. “We Don’t Need No Apology. It’s Clear You’d Don’t Like Us So Act That Same Way When You See Us. P*ssy.”

A rapper associated with the OVO label named, TVGucci also had something to say. F*ck your sorry p*ssy @therealswizz. See you soon. Happy Father’s Day f*ck boy.”

It’s no surprise TVGucci stepped in to defend the rapper, after Drake mentioned in his song, “No Stylist” “Don’t need Gucci on my back, TVGucci got my back.” Will Drake respond to Swizz Beatz next, or has the crew said enough?