Summrs’ Crew Issues Threats, Reportedly Forces Homixide Gang To Cancel Concert

Louisiana rapper Summrs found himself at the center of an altercation with members of Homixide Gang during a recent performance at Box Fest. The aftermath has not only stirred controversy but also allegedly led to the cancellation of an upcoming Homixide Gang show. The cancellation reportedly came amid alleged threats from Summrs’ associates. Videos surfaced online depicting the disturbing incident where Summrs was seemingly jumped by a group of individuals associated with Homixide Gang.

Yesterday, Summrs has taken to social media to address the situation. However, he posted photos of his injuries and made fun of the people who jumped them. He said that it took 20 people to steal his jewelry, and they didn’t even get it all. “Li rino get it on without his potnas n security #Souljashit ? #took20yallgetthatjewelry,” he captioned the post. “How yall not get it all?.”

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Fans Think Homixide Gang Cancelled Their Show As A Result Of Summrs

The confrontation escalated into a full-fledged brawl, with reports indicating that the attackers not only physically assaulted Summrs but also made off with several pieces of his jewelry. The fallout took an even more bizarre turn as fans discovered a listing on Grailed, selling strands of his hair for a staggering $25,000. The unusual auction item adds a surreal dimension to the aftermath of the New York altercation, sparking a mix of shock and disbelief amongst fans.

Online discussions have been fueled with speculation and commentary. Some expressing sympathy for Summrs’ ordeal. One fan commented, “Ngl homicide gang took a L on this one. Summrs was by himself while 10+ n—-s jumped him and pulled his hair. Bro stood on business, but him getting clowned is crazy to me.” Others took a different approach, advising Summrs to focus on his music rather than engaging in social media. One comment read, “Summr, respectfully…we don’t want to see you on the internet wolfing, talking about what you might do. Hold your L and get back in the studio. Them Homicide n—as are there specifically to crash out. You got something to lose, and they don’t.” Stay tuned for more details on HNHH.

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