Summer Watson’s “Unveiled” Will Give You The Hope You Thought Was Lost

Not your usual soprano singer, Summer Watson should have a category of its own imagined to describe her style, aura, charisma, and music. The classical crossover superstar who has one of the softest soprano voices you’ll ever come across has just dropped the second single off her upcoming album. The song is titled “Unveiled,” and comes out following the release of the first single “Break The Silence.” If we listen carefully to both of these songs, we cannot but notice that Summer is building a very coherent message focused around healing. Her dramatic yet inspiring experiences facing the toughest struggles and yet finding the energy within to overcome them have deeply changed her way to look at life, and even the way she approaches her music. 

For the first time in her life, she is presenting her own compositions and songs, with a major EP release set for release very soon. 

“Unveiled” is undoubtedly more than just a song, it is a journey through her own path towards healing, getting to know herself, and finding the strength and grace to share it with the millions who will benefit from her experiences.  

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