Summer Walker Calls Out Her Label After Being Told Protest Post Were Too Sensitive

Controversy is nothing new for Atlanta singer, Summer Walker. The singer’s social media is known for her outspoken rants and sultry thirst traps. A few weeks ago, the singer was under fire for some comments she made pertaining to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Now the singer has caught everyone’s attention after claiming that her label told her to tone it down following comments she made on the recent riots and George Floyd case.

“Lmao y’all tryna benefit yourselves. I’m not promoting violence but your issue is w law enforcement, the police. The police cars, stations. That’s who your issue is with, for racial injustice in case you forget,” one of the post from the singer read. “If you want to do some damage, stop GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY. Gucci, Dior, LV, Target or where ever else. Support black business only, if you want to hurt them. But y’all looking real ghetto at this point.”

Shortly after her rant, the singer shared that her label had some issues with her post, and pointed out the fact that they never have an issue with her thirst traps. “You can talk about your p*ssy and post your a**, talk about buying worthless jewelry instead of businesses and property, flex money, and disrespect your women. AND NONE OF THAT IS INSENSITIVE,” she stated. “But trying to warn people that DEEP STATE IS FINNESSING YOU ALL AND TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS, IS TOO SENSITIVE.

“Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian THE DEEP STATE IS FINNESING US ALL,” the singer continued. “But my label just told me that this information is too sensitive, but I NEVER got a call about me clapping my ass in panties is to sensitive. Surprised? No Disappointed? Yes And ima leave it at that cause I don’t wanna disrespect nobody.”