Sukihana Blasts Troll Making Fun Of Her Looks

Sukihana’s increasingly high profile in the rap and pop culture spheres has unfortunately brought her a lot of haters along the way. Whether it’s people dismissing her perspective and experience concerning the YK Osiris harassment or people just dragging her name for superficial reasons, the rapper has been very forthright in her clapbacks. Most recently, though, she addressed attacks on her appearance on Twitter. Moreover, Suki specifically hammered down on how people criticize and make fun of her based on her African features, calling out unjust and discriminatory beauty standards. However, she balances out the responses with messages of thanks and acknowledgement to the fans who support the “Love & Hip Hop” star.

“To be honest YES they find me attractive,” Sukihana responded to a person who questioned why people do so. In the original critical post, a user compared her to Baby Bop, the green triceratops from “Barney.” “Me having African features does not equal ugly. I’m actually pretty in person. Y’all be mad at my nose y’all bully ppl into surgery then talk about them after. Hollywood is already hard on black noses don’t make it worst.”

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Sukihana’s Clapback To A Twitter Troll

In other Sukihana news, the 31-year-old recently commented on what her hypothetical relationship with Nicki Minaj would be like. “I respect Nicki, I know I’m not gonna get a Nicki feature,” she told blogger Armon Wiggins on his podcast. “Maybe, that’s what Tasha K said. That’s not gonna stop me from loving her because of her flow and the s**t that she did. I’m a real b***h. I don’t give a f**k if a b***h don’t like me or not. But I’ma still say that I respect [her]. I don’t know if I’m blocked or not, but I will say… I know I’m not gonna get a Nicki feature. That’s cool, I f**k with you.”

Meanwhile, the Delaware native responded to fans who misconstrued these remarks. As she pointed out, it was Wiggins who suggested that Minaj might not like Suki because she was in the “WAP” music video, fueling the fanbase (and speculated artist) beef between Nicki, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. “Show the love I showed showed sexyy, show my love for Cardi in the interview,” she commented under a page reporting on her comments about Queen Barb. “Y’all gone make me really call y’all out as much drama y’all try to stir up.” Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Sukihana.

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