Snoop Dogg Shares Wise Words For Latto: “You Got To Be A Smarter Businesswoman”

Snoop Dogg is putting it all on the table. In a candid exchange that unfolded during their Musicians on Musicians cover shoot at the iconic United Recording studios in Hollywood, veteran rapper Snoop Dogg offered valuable advice to emerging female emcee, Latto, as she embarks on her journey to stardom. He told her that this era of women are the first era to actually dominate music. Snoop Dogg, a luminary in the hip-hop industry, engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation with the 24-year-old Atlanta rapper. The duo delved into the intricacies of the music business and the challenges that come with fame. The seasoned rapper addressed the current state of the music industry.

Latto brought up the harsh reality that the music industry often fails to recognize genuine talent. To this, Snoop, 52, responded with a sobering insight, stating, “[But] nowadays, talent isn’t involved anymore. They’re moving talent out the way because it’s overnight successes that they can make. That’s why when you really do have talent, you should hone it. Study the greats before you to see how you can stay here for a long time.” He went on to emphasize the importance of sustaining a successful career, referencing the fate of many beloved ’90s rappers who’ve faded from the limelight. He asserted that he’s one of the few who’ve endured, attributing this to his business decisions.

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Snoop Gives Latto Some Game

“What happened to your favorite rappers in the Nineties?,” Snoop asked. “Where they at? Most of them gone. I’m probably the only one that’s still around. It’s because of the things that they did or the business opportunities that they didn’t capitalize on. So you got to be a smarter businesswoman and say, ‘OK, the women are winning right now in the music industry.’ This is a first, for the women to be [in] the foreground.” However, he warned a message about potential rivalries. He warned, “You guys have to understand that here’s where the bullsh*t comes in. They going to make y’all fight each other. That’s what they made us do. They didn’t want us to join hands and say, ‘Hey, East Coast, West Coast, down South. I love your music.’ You from the South. I love your sht. Why I got to hate you from down there? That’s what they’ll put into y’all Kool-Aid.”

Latto responded with, “And we fall for the trap.” She seemed to agree with the divisive cycle in the industry. “But somebody got to be sharp enough to say, ‘You know what? It’s a business…” Snoop continued. Moreover, in a landscape that often prioritizes quick success over genuine talent, Snoop Dogg’s wisdom serves as a beacon for emerging artists like Latto. His words offer somewhat of a a roadmap to navigate the intricate web of the music industry while fostering unity and smart business acumen. Thoughts?

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