Snoop Dogg Gifts Former NFL QB Eli Manning Death Row Chain

Rap veteran Snoop Dogg is showing major love to retired NFL quarterback, Eli Manning. During an alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football, Snoop made an appearance on the show hosted by Eli and his brother Peyton. In the third quarter of the game, the Long Beach native gifted the former New York Giant with a Death Row Records chain for his 41st birthday.

“Eli I would like to present to you this Death Row chain for being so Hip Hop and being so hip. That’s yours baby, when I see you, you got that. I’m gonna put that around your neck. Happy 41st birthday Eli,” Snoop declared.

Eli, who was all smiles but visibly at a loss for words, thanked Snoop for the gift. Peyton Manning chimed in shortly after and suggested Eli wear the chain for the playoff game in two weeks.

Later on in the broadcast, Snoop showed love to the Manning brothers and applauded their talents on and off the field, adding that he wishes he were a part of their family.

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