Smack/URL Becomes First Sporting Franchise To Trend With Two Hashtags In One Night

On Saturday, July 9, the Ultimate Rap League (URL) made history with N.O.M.E. 12 at Houston’s Bayou Music Center, becoming the first extreme sporting organization to trend on Twitter at #1 during the same night with two separate hashtags.

Pivotal to topping the United States trending charts was the highly anticipated card curated by Troy “Smack” White, co-owner of the premier battle rap league in the world. His goal was to focus on matchups that would combine various tiers of artistry, present to fans a long-awaited grudge match, and culminate the $100,000 Ultimate Madness 5 tournament series with finalists JC and Swamp.

The two hashtags were: #NOME12 and #NOMEXII

#NOMEXII was trending before the event started. Before long, after-show host Smack announced #NOME12 as the URL hashtag, it started to trend in the number one spot within a half-hour into the show. #NOMEXII consistently ranked, landing at the top position an hour later.