Sheek Louch Agrees With Pusha T Distancing Himself From Ye: ‘That’s Good That He Is Making That Stance’

Sheek Louch is rolling with Pusha T when it comes to keeping his association with Kanye West amid his antisemitic rants.

Earlier this week, Consequence spoke out against King Push, stating he was wrong for distancing himself from Ye.

Speaking with XXL, King Push revealed that he decided to distance himself from Ye following his anti-semitic rants and remarks.


“If you ain’t with it, you ain’t down. And I ain’t with it. I’m not budging on that. I’m not with it. I heard about this new stuff [on InfoWars]. I don’t know. It’s something that just sort of tells me he’s not well, at the same time. I will say that. It’s going to places where it’s no way to move around it.”

During a visit to The Art of Dialogue podcast, Consequence says you should never abandon family.

“Family is a word that gets thrown around a lot, loosely,” Consequence begins in a clip exclusively obtained by AllHipHop. “And I could actually say that Kanye is my family, right. We not blood relatives, but that’s my family. We’ve done more things and have had more interactions mutually than we have with our own family. When I see something like that, I’m conflicted. I’m disgusted because of a multitude of reasons. And they aren’t all directed at Pusha T.”

Enter Sheek Louch, who made a visit to DJ Vlad, and agrees with Pusha T’s decision.

“Shout out to Pusha. I never thought what he thought of everything,” Louch said. “You don’t have to hate him, but dog, I can’t stand for the shit you talking about right now. That’s good that he is making that stance.”

You can hear it from Sheek below.