Sexyy Red Is Right About Trump, OhGeesy Believes, He Speaks On Her Sex Tape

Sexyy Red is having one heck of a week, bolstered by her new song with Drake on his album For All The Dogs. Unfortunately, though, she also received a brutal revenge p*rn attack, as her sex tape leaked on her Instagram Story. In addition to all that, the St. Louis, Missouri native expressed her support of indicted former president Donald Trump, which obviously ruffled a lot of feathers online. For these reasons and more, loads of people have commented on her, including West Coast rapper OhGeesy. While speaking to TMZ in Beverly Hills this week, he said that the “SkeeYee” hitmaker is actually spot on.

“Yeah, we f**k with Donald Trump [in the hood],” OhGeesy told the interviewer, agreeing with Sexyy Red. “He brought the stimulus checks, man, we need some more of that. Bring Donald Trump back in, shout out Sexyy Red, too. Nah, she’s going up,” he replied when asked whether the sex tape will ruin her career. “Her whole f***in’ style like sex tape rap. You can put her music on like a f***in’ p*rn soundtrack or something,” the Cali MC said with a laugh. What’s clear is that, whether her music is raunchy or not, Sexyy shouldn’t be subjected to attacks like this leak.

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OhGeesy On Sexyy Red

“Don’t record this s**t,” OhGeesy remarked when asked whether he had any advice for Sexyy Red. Later on during the conversation, he said he just dropped a new album and is looking forward to some upcoming sold-out shows in the area. In fact, Geesy said that the lack of stimulus checks has kept his hustle up by performing two to three shows a night, including afterparties and the like. Regardless of all that, it’s always interesting to see how people (especially celebrities) react to others’ public scandals.

Meanwhile, he’s not the only one who shares the controversial opinion that the sex tape leak is “on brand.” Ebro recently caught some flack for suggesting that exact phrasing. What do you think about all this, and about many rappers voicing support for Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments and check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Sexyy Red and OhGeesy.

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