Serayah Crying Footage Has Joey Badass Putting “TMZ” On Blast

After seeing a video of Serayah and her boo, Joey Badass, getting in their feelings during a stroll through Los Angeles earlier this week, some began to worry about the status of the pair’s beloved relationship. Thankfully, the “Love Is Only a Feeling” artist once again won the world over when he wrapped his arms around his girl in a sweet embrace amid her sobbing. Rather than simply leave it at that, he’s also addressing the situation on Instagram to clear up any concerns from social media sleuths.

On Tuesday (March 12), Badass’ Instagram lit up with a new photo dump of him and Serayah dressed to the nines. We’ve seen plenty of them killing it on red carpets and at Fashion Week events over the past few months, but this might be one of their best collaborations yet. While the multi-talent looked dapper as ever in a black suit with simple but elegant gold accessories, his date was shining bright like a diamond. The top half of her dress was covered in silver gems, resembling a seashell, while the feathers around the bottom only helped to enhance her curves.

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Joey Badass Addresses Viral Clip of Him and Serayah Circulating Online

In his caption, Badass wrote, “People all in our business they don’t even know the facts, they don’t see the s**t we witness only what the cameras catch ♟️✍🏽🖤,” crediting @swurv3 for capturing photos. Clearly, the 29-year-old’s pen game is just as strong as ever, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be back on the market anytime soon.

Now that we know Joey Badass and Serayah’s relationship is still going strong, the couple’s supporters are wondering what’s next for each of them. Back in January, the rapper-turned-actor said goodbye to his character on 50 Cent‘s Raising Kanan, meanwhile, his lover showed off her vocal skills with a seven-track EP last summer called Flutter. Where do you hope to see the couple investing their energy next? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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