Saweetie And YG Prove Their Relationship Is Back On

It’s been a strange few months for YG and Saweetie, who started dating last year. The couple went head first into their relationship immediately collaborating on music and even planning a tour together. Even though the tour was canceled they seemed to be going strong in 2023. But once 2024 hit they formally shared the news that they were ending things. Despite claims that it was all very amicable, both had some behavior in the days following their breakup that fans found curious.

But pretty much from the moment they broke up, fans have speculated they might be back on. YG brought out Saweetie during his recent set with Tyga at Rolling Loud LA. But the pair didn’t just perform together, they had a sensual experience on stage that sent rumors of their rekindled romance into overdrive. Overnight, YG shared a picture of the pair together that all but confirmed their romance has returned. In the picture, the pair are sitting in the backseat of a car with a caption that features a variety of love and heart-themed emojis. Check out the post he shared that has fans buzzing below.

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YG Shares New Picture With Saweetie

Saweetie already has a few features and singles under her belt in 2024 and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing up any time soon. She’s already begun teasing a new song called “Nani” that’s coming soon. She dropped a snippet of the pop-flavored song on Twitter and her fans were absolutely eating it up right away.

As for YG, he’s only appeared on one new song this year, a feature alongside Stunna Girl. Instead of dropping new music, he’s been celebrating the 10th anniversary of his seminal 2014 debut album My Krazy Life. What do you think of YG basically confirming that his romance with Saweetie is back on? How long do you think the pair have been back together? Let us know in the comment section below.

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