Sara Molina Regrets 2019 VLAD TV Interview

In 2019, the baby mother of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Sara Molina sat down with VLAD TV to discuss her difficult relationship with the rainbow-haired rapper at the time. The interview, held for almost an hour and thirty minutes, revealed information regarding Tekashi 6ix9ine, the Trey Nine bloods, information about the trail, and more.

This time, in an interview with VLAD TV Sara Molina, shares that she regrets the 2019 interview and wishes that she had given herself more time to prepare. “I regretted it ’cause at the time, I was probably my most vulnerable,” Molina shared. “I was coming out of a relationship where I was abused mentally, physically, emotionally. I was having all these things come out during the case that, like I said, this was my life and I didn’t know all these things were going on around me. I was still in shock. I was hurt.”

“I didn’t essentially have the best people around me to tell me, ‘Uh, maybe you shouldn’t do that or maybe you shouldn’t say that or maybe you shouldn’t pick up that f*cking stack of papers on the floor so suspiciously sitting next to you. Nobody was around to tell me that type of sh*t,” she added.

In the past few months, VLADTV has been called out by a few rappers in the industry claiming that the interviewer’s questions can be incriminating, leading people to tell on themselves in legal issues.

Molina regrets reading the stack of court documents that she read in her interview which initially revealed that Tekashi 6ix9ine was an informant in the case. “It is what it is,” Molina says. “I wish I never would have read that stack of papers talking to you. You can’t be mad when people calling you the feds and you have an indictment on the floor, you have me in a room that’s all white that looks like an interrogation room. It was just bad. I really regretted it.”

While this interview was only nine minutes long, Molina says that she had no idea that VLAD would want her to read the stack of papers during the interview nor was she aware that the documents revealed that the rapper was cooperating with authorities. Check out the clip below.