Safaree Responds to Latest Episode of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena’s marriage has unfolded before the viewers of Love and Hip Hop. The popular couple said their vows to each other in October of 2019 but as of recent, the couple has run into a few rocky roads, causing the couple to split after sharing two children.

While Erica has voiced Safaree’s absence throughout her pregnancy, Safaree seems to have a different point of view on things. In a recent episode of the VH1 show, Safaree caught a lot of heat after his response to his wife’s second pregnancy once she revealed that she was 23 weeks expecting. “I’m flabbergasted,” Safaree told producers. “I just don’t get it,” he continued. “And that just goes to show how distant we’ve been. We live in the same house, she’s this far along pregnant, and I didn’t know. This is crazy.”

“You know how I feel about having more kids,” Safaree mentioned to Erica. “I feel like we just started getting a rhythm with Maje (Safire) turning one, and we’re going to have to start all over again.”

Samuels caught a lot of backlash for his comments, getting dragged left and right for his lack of support to his wife. Another scene that the Love and HipHop star caught heat for was his response to his one-year-old daughter Safire falling in the studio, with a guitar landing on her. While Erica ran to the toddler’s rescue, Safaree can be heard in the clip cackling at his daughter’s tumble.

Erica questioned her husband’s response to his daughter falling which resulting in Safaree assuring that he knew she would be ok. Safaree immediately caught backlash on social media once the clip was posted to The Neighborhood Talk. “Damnn the voice over for this scene almost made it seem real,” he commented under the post.

Fans are not impressed with Safaree’s excuse, check out the clip here.