Rowdy Rebel & Fetty Luciano Continue Their Joint Effort Series With “Splash Brothers 2”

Two of Brooklyn’s rap talents, Rowdy Rebel and Fetty Luciano, are reuniting for a new album Splash Brothers 2. Based on the title, this is indeed a sequel, and it follows up the original nearly a year later exactly. If you did not know, Fetty and Rowdy are close friends and affiliated with the collective GS9. So, if you were wondering why these two have such a close relationship, that is the loose backstory.

Both Fetty and Rowdy like to stay in the trap and drill lanes and you get plenty of those high energy moments here. However, if you saw our review of Splash Brothers 2, we had some issues with some lackluster effort on some of the tracks. The beginning of the record has its flashes of potential, but “2024” and “Pistons” suffer from poor mixing and attention to detail. Additionally, the features do a better job for the most part when they show up.

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Listen To Splash Brothers 2 By Rowdy Rebel & Fetty Luciano

But overall, it is a decent offering, but maybe not as desirable as their first Splash Brothers tape. In terms of how each rapper got to this point, Rowdy was coming off a 2023 that saw him drop his solo album Back Outside and the Fetty collab tape. As for the former, he has only dropped three projects overall, and it is just his second since his 2018 debut Story To Tell. If you want to support Splash Brothers 2, check out the links above.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new album Splash Brothers 2 by Rowdy Rebel and Fetty Luciano? Is this the best duo rap album of the year, why or why not? What tracks are you gravitating toward right now and why? Who had the best guest appearance on the record? Which rapper outperformed the other? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Rowdy Rebel and Fetty Luciano. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on around the music world.

Splash Brothers 2 Tracklist:

  1. 2024 (feat. TJ Porter)
  2. Pistons (feat. JB)
  3. Pissing Me Off (feat. Fivio Foreign)
  4. Spin First (feat. Curly)
  5. My Block (feat. Chubbs)
  6. Twin Story Pt2
  7. Can’t Talk Hot
  8. Pop Out (Yeah Yeah)
  9. Good Night
  10. Shake (feat. D STURDY)
  11. Pain In My Eyes

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