Roddy Ricch Says He Almost Named Himself ‘Lil Bird’

As an artist, coming up with a name can be one of the hardest and most important things you do in your career. Some artists are already given a great name while others aren’t. You want something that embodies who you are and something that people will remember. And in this industry full of “Lil’s” and “Young’s,” sometimes it’s hard to not follow suit. That certainly was the case for Roddy Ricch.

Roddy recently sat down for an interview with Big Boy to promote his latest effort, Live Life Fast. Roddy was asked what other names he considered before finally deciding on Roddy Ricch, and the Live Life Fast artist said that he was seriously considering the name “Lil Bird” for a while.

“Like, from bird?” asked Big Boy.

“Yeah, Lil Bird,” confirmed Roddy.

“Damn, you was like, ‘man, eff this lil stuff,’ you know what I’m saying?,” said Big Boy.

“Nah, I still go by it sometimes!” replied Roddy.

Roddy didn’t say where exactly the name came from. But because he said that he still goes by the name sometimes, maybe it was a childhood nickname that stuck.

We think it’s safe to say Roddy made the right decision to not go with “Lil Bird.”