Rick Ross Reveals What His Rap Name Was in the Fourth Grade

Rozay, that’s his nickname. But Rick Ross is opening up about what his first rap name was.

Appearing on the crazy Sexy Cool Show, Rozay spoke about his first rap name in the fourth grade. Ross was going by the name Willow, which is tatted on him today and originated in a film.

“It was a wack name,” Ross originally resisted in telling what it was.


“It’s Willow,” Ross shared. “It was a film with the short fat dude and everybody knew me as Will, so it was ‘You Willow.’”

Rick Ross is full of interesting thoughts these days. One of Hip-Hop’s biggest car enthusiasts won’t ride in a Tesla as he believes the car can trap him and drive him to jail for questioning if the government wants.

Rozay says he can be at a WingStop grabbing a ten piece, and then once he gets back in the car, the government can take over his car’s computer system and bring him in for any reason.

“I’ve never ridden in a Tesla,” Ross said. “I always had in the back of my mind the government can tap into the brain of the car.”