Ralo Says He’s Got No Beefs In The Rap Game, Thanks Those Who Supported Him Behind Bars

Ralo has sought to put the record straight now that he’s out of prison. Idk why da f-k all the blogs acting as if I got out on sum beef Sh-t. But let’s be clear – Money Bagg became Muslim since I been down and I forever put Islam over everything so it’s no beef in my heart at all for him. Boggie, Mozzy, 42, G or whoever amongst him. I’m just #TeamDolph so the internet just gone stir up sh-t,” the rapper wrote in the comments of an Instagram post.

Furthermore, Ralo also went out of his way to thank those who had aided him financially while he was incarcerated. On his new track, “First Day Out“, Ralo specified who had sent him money and how much they had sent him. According to the song, He received $50K from Lil Baby, $40K from Lil Durk and 21 Savage, and $10K from Money Man.

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Ralo Honors Young Dolph

Elsewhere, Ralo honored his friend Young Dolph on Instagram. “I’ma hold you down [no] matter what a mf say. I was your real friend and still is. I damn near cry every time I think about you…,” Ralo lamented. Dolph was killed in late 2021, right in the middle of Ralo’s six-year prison sentence. The murder trial surrounding Dolph’s death recently received a major shakeup as a new judge was seated.

However, Dolph wasn’t the only person to receive a lamentation from Ralo. In another post made prior to his release, Ralo spoke on the death of his friend Marlo. “Assalamualaikum. Marlo told me not to worry. He was going to be the first person at the gate waiting on me when this sh-t over. My release is in two weeks. I know life goes on, but this sh-t ain’t da same as when we was passing this money around. We was all happy and helping each other,” it continued. “Nowadays, people doing they best to kick others down so they can stand above them. But the only way thats going to happen is if im in my grave with Marlo. I aint going for none strange… #MDC4L #ImHim #KingAkh #FreeRalo #LongLiveMarlo,” Ralo wrote.

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“First Day Out” Thanks Prison Supporters