Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith’ Secures Top Spot of Billboard 200

Pop Smoke is once again on top of the Billboard 200. The late rapper’s second posthumous album, Faith, will hit the No. 1 spot over John Mayer’s Sob Rock with 88,000 units.

Pop Smoke’s Faith album has reloaded, adding in four new singles in “Questions,” “Run Down,” which features OnPointLikeOp and G Herbo, “Money Man” featuring Killa and “Defiant,” featuring Dread Woo and TRAVI.

The tracks arrived on Tuesday, following Steven Victor, Pop Smoke’s manager, making the announcement online.

“midnight we going up for you we turning the pain into champagne everyday,” Victor scribed. “this is for our day ones we’ve decided to drop off 4 tonight that are cleared and going to turn up the rest on 7/30 thx everyone involved to help us get this out.”

You can hear them below.