Polo G Hints At “Hood Poet” Album With Lyric Posters

It has been nearly two full years since Polo G’s last solo effort. He put out a follow-up to Hall of Fame titled Hall of Fame 2.0. It is a 34-song and one-hour and 30-minute venture that most album listeners are not going to want to tackle. The Chicago-born “RAPSTAR” has been in conversations about being one of the best in the modern rap game, to being one of the most up-and-down artists as well. However, he still brings in nearly 24 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and his top five songs total, easily, billions of plays.

Polo G is also a playable character in NBA 2K23, which most rappers cannot make that claim. He is also living an exciting life of a celebrity, so he is certainly not struggling by any means. However, there are some people that believe he has not tapped into his full potential. But, he has the chance to prove the doubters wrong with his next release of Hood Poet, which is rumored to be the title. The reason Hood Poet news is making waves around social media is due to a recent Instagram post from ourgenerationmusic.

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Fans Do Not Hold Back On Instagram Post

What has fans assuming Hood Poet is the next release, are posters in public with lyrics with “H.O.O.D P.O.E.T” under each one. However, a lot of people really do not seem to give a hoot about this news. One person writes, “We don’t care dude is irrelevant.” Another says, “Don’t Care, I’m still waiting for A$AP Rocky’s new album.” Finally, someone goes as far as to say, “If not he may as well retire at this point lol.”

This may be Polo G’s last chance to win fans back over and it might require a tighter track list and a direction to do so. What do you think about these lyric posters around town? Are you excited for more Polo G music, or could you wait for it? Be sure to tell us all your thoughts in the comments section below. Additionally, stay in tune with HNHH for all the latest news on the music world.

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