PinkyDoll Threatens To Sue Over Leaked OnlyFans Content

Content leaks are one of the many issues that sex workers must deal with on a daily basis. If you operate a profile on a site like OnlyFans, it’s likely that at some point, someone has downloaded your content and reposted it elsewhere online. The problem is that often the issue becomes so pervasive and widespread that it’s impossible to counter. While mass DMCA tolls such as branditscan exist, the issue is a prevalent one. But one creator might be about to large a full offensive barrage about the issue – PinkyDoll.

Best known for her NPC streams on TikTok, PinkyDoll has hit out about the issue of content leaks in a new video. She claims that she found multiple sites hosting her leaked content after searching “PinkyDoll naked” on Google. “I see all these websites. How dare you, you going to let other people put my face and my body out here doing stuff like that,” she said. “I’m going to sue all of you, I’m going to sue you. You allow the people to post Pinkydoll.”

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PinkyDoll Threatens Lawsuit

First of all, content theft is awful and the fact that it is all but built into the sex work industry at this point is disgusting. Furthermore, if PinkyDoll does sue, all the best to her in that regard. However, this is an issue that has plagued the industry for years. As mentioned, services like branditscan, which can file mass DMCA claims, have helped with some of the issue. But the problem, which PinkyDoll is likely going to discover if she does sue, is just how big and complex this problem is.

Firstly, you can’t sue Twitter or Google. Your lawsuit will be dismissed as they are not publishers, merely hosting platforms. Both sites have terminology written into the Terms of Service that basically states that they are legally liable for the content published on them. Secondly, many of the leaking sites are hosted outside the United States. That means having to file individual lawsuits in their country of origin. For example, if your videos are reposted to Xvids, you will have to file a claim in Czechia. Once again, genuinely backing PinkyDoll in her endeavor but this is an issue that the sex work community has been trying to tackle for years.

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