People Will Pay More for Streaming But Listen to Less Music During COVID-19

In a new report titled, “COVID-19: Tracking the impact on the Entertainment Landscape,” MRC Data and Nielsen Music found that 60% of the U.S. population is engaging with more entertainment.

Basically, quarantine got us all staying occupied with media. However, data shows that TV, movies and social media all rank higher than music.

There were 87% that say they are listening to their regular music selections. However, 55% are listening to older music from their past. Family and quarantine equal walks down memory lane.

Of those surveyed, 24% added at least one new subscription service in the last few weeks, 81% added video, 38% added music and 14% added games.

Households with children were the demographic that is most likely to do so.

The group surveyed a 945-person sample of the U.S. population. Data was collected from March 25 through March 29.

Music typically landed as the fourth choice among those surveyed. However, watching news received the greatest increase, while live events had the biggest decline due to social restrictions.