Patti LaBelle Says 2Pac’s “California Love” Made Her Want To Learn To Crip Walk

Patti Labelle recently sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for a recent episode of Drink Champs. During the interview, the music legend shared her earliest memories of interacting with hip hop.

“I guess it was 2Pac” LaBelle said before being reminded of her collaboration with Big Daddy Kane “Feels Like Another One.”

“But I started moving to ‘California Love,’” Labelle said to the podcast hosts. “That’s when I started to Crip Walk,” she added.

DJ EFN then asked LaBelle if she ever met Pac to which she responded “No, never.” N.O.R.E then asked her if she had ever met Biggie to wich she also responded “No, but Biggie had a song about Patti,” referencing the song “Just Playing (Dreams)” where Big raps “I’d probably go to jail for f*cking Patti LaBelle.”

During the interview LaBelle also spoke on her relationship with Jazmine Sullivan, admitting that at one point she thought the Heaux Tales artist hated her.

“I thought Jazmine Sullivan hated me. Let me say something, last week, she made my heart pound, hard. She called me,” LaBelle said. “The same gentleman, Marquese, who made this outfit and the outfit that I wore for Essence last couple weeks ago, he’s good friends with Jazmine. And so, he said ‘Jazmine and I always used to talk about who’s coming to Patti LaBelle’s party first? You or me?’”

You can check out the full episode below.