Pablo Escobar’s Family Sues 2 Chainz Over Restaurant Name

2 Chainz is facing another issue over his Atlanta restaurant, but this time he’s dealing with Pablo Escobar’s family.

The king pin’s family is suing the rapper for at least $10 million claiming the Escobar Restaurant and Tapas violate federal law by using Escobar’s name and likeliness.

Escobar Inc. reportedly trademarked the name and isn’t happy about the notorious Colombian drug lord’s name is all over the restaurant, website, social media, and merchandise.

The estate is seeking a minimum of 8-figures in damages and wants to blockage usage of the name and likeliness.

2 Chainz is facing unrelated issues with the same restaurant over breaking COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Hopefully, Tity Boi can get this sorted out quickly and continue running the business as usual.