Orlando Brown Makes Bizarre Claims That Michael Jackson, Will Smith Sexually Assaulted Him

Orlando Brown has built a reputation for making bizarre claims in the past. At the top of the year, he accused Nick Cannon of performing oral sex on him.

The mogul denied the claims and actually showed some sympathy for the former child actor who is exhibiting mental health issues.

A video surfaced online on Wednesday of Brown accusing Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting him as a child and his entire family. At one point he said the assault was done by Will Smith, and Jackson orchestrated the whole thing. He even went as far as claiming he’s the real Blanket Jackson who was abandoned then later raped.

The rant is a bit difficult to decipher but many social media users suggested that Orlando Brown sought a mental evaluation. Meanwhile, others are weighing out the possibilities that he may be telling the truth considering the entertainment industry’s shady reputation behind-the-scenes.

The Disney star’s baby’s mother says nothing is wrong with his mental state and he’s just seeking attention. He told Dr. Phill that he’s struggling with addiction and mental health. Additionally, he served a month in jail for meth and burglary charges in 2018.

Check out the tirade below:

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TNHT Staff: @yesthatsdee ___________________________________________ Neighbors, get into this story even though it’s hard to get into! Orlando Brown is now alleging that Will Smith raped him as a child and that Michael Jackson set the whole thing up! _____________________________________________ Now he’s said some wild things before but this one takes the cake. In the video you can see him wielding a knife yelling into the camera that he is in fact Will’s son. _____________________________________________ What’s even crazier is that he says Will Smith also raped his (Orlando Brown’s) children. _____________________________________________ Neighbors, what are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think it’s any truth to this or is he bat s*** crazy!?

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