On the Rise: MarMar Oso Talks Debut Album ‘Marvin’s Room,’ Generational Music Influences, and Heartbreak

MarMar Oso is fresh off the release of his debut album, Marvin’s Room, and he’s already completed about two songs for the follow-up project.

Drawing inspiration from a range of artists from Jazmine Sullivan to Jacquees, the Sacramento native is making strides to leave his imprint in the R&B game.

The “Relationship Goals” singer acquired a lot of success after recording his first recording his first song in 2018. He has a bright future ahead of him and this is just the beginning.

Check out this Source Exclusive below with MarMar as he discusses the close relationship he has with the leading ladies in his life and how real-life heartbreak inspired some of his biggest hits.

Congratulations on your debut album. What was the inspiration behind the title?

I wanted to invite people into my room so I wanted to give them my vibe, and my type of music that I like.

How old are you?

Just turned 21 this year. March 1st. Pisces gang.

Awww congrats. That was right at the beginning of quarantine too. How’d you celebrate?

I actually went to a couple clubs right before quarantine started and I got really, really drunk [laughs]. It was good, but it was terrible.

You’re luckier than a lot of 21-year-olds that celebrated their birthdays this year and just had to figure it out. 

Man, I know. Sitting at the house and stuff. Can’t do nothing for their birthday [laughs]

You’re 21. You’re from Sacramento. Who are some of your musical motivations?

It depends on the generation. If we’re talking about my mom’s generation, I’ll say somebody like New Edition, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men. If we talking ‘bout my big sister’s generation, she’s the one who put me on. We’ve got Chris Brown, Pretty Ricky. My generation got Jacquees, PNB Rock, Fetty Wap. It really depends on the generation honestly, it’s way too many.

I like that answer. A lot of young artists do interviews and cause uproar online when they cite younger artists for their inspiration instead of legends. It’s really important to note that you’re only in your 20s and you’re influenced by your mom and big sister.

Yes, I love Jazmine Sullivan and India.Arie … That’s my mom’s generation 

What you know about that!?

[Laughs] I know too much. I love Lauryn Hill. 

That makes a lot of sense because when I listen to your music I hear you express your emotions with such conviction in songs like “Relationship Goals” and “Ruthless.” And a lot of Black men, period, don’t feel like they have a safe space to be vulnerable. How are you so in tune with your feelings?

I think that’s just who I am. I’m not afraid to express my feelings and I feel like me expressing some sensitive facts is something that can be a superpower because not a lot of people are able to express that or might look at it a certain way. But me, I’m not afraid to show that off. It makes me, me.

You mentioned your mom and sister’s influence. Do you have a close relationship with these women in your life?

Yes, I actually grew up with all women. My mom, sister, cousins. None of my guy cousins were messin’ with me like that ‘cuz they were all older and I was like the young one in the family. 

That makes sense why you’re so in tune with your emotions. 

Yeah. And my dad passed away when I was 2. I didn’t have that father figure.

Sorry to hear that.

Nah, it’s all good.

Do you mind sharing what happened?

He died in a car accident.

So it’s a lot of women in your life, your dad passed away when you were young.

Yeah also I feel like that’s why I know how to treat a woman. I been taught how to be a gentleman, things like that. My mom made sure I opened the door for women, the flowers. It’s a lot of things.

Okay, shoutouts to mom.

Shoutouts to mom [laughs]

So you did a remix to “Ruthless” with G-Eazy and Quando Rondo. How’d you get those two on the song?

Man, by the grace of God. I’m so blessed to say that I even have a song with those two guys. I have a good team. Good management. It was a blessing to have them on there. The song is going crazy. “Ruthless” was actually the fourth song I ever wrote and it just took off.

Really? How long have you been writing?

This is my second year. I’ve been singing for two years now. Well, I always been singing but I recorded my first song in 2018.

I know collaborating with G-Eazy was definitely one for your city. Do you have any dream collaborations?

That’s back to the generational thing. I would like to work with Jazmine Sullivan and India.Arie. I wanna work with new school people and old school, you know what I’m saying. I just want to make good music with good people with good spirits. Good vibes, ya know? 

You’re claiming it right now.

Yes, that’s literally how everything happens. I pray on it, manifest it and it comes to life. 

I see that you’ve joined the growing EMPIRE roster. Were there any other deals on the table that were hard to turn down? 

Uh, there was a lot of deals on the table but it wasn’t hard to turn down because they were tryna put me in 360 deals and stuff like that. [laughs] Yeah, I wasn’t tryna do that.

One of my favorite things about your sound is that it’s fun and refreshing and you kept that theme going on your project. I love the songs but it’s the marriage with the music videos that really make it pop. It reminds me of Missy Elliott or Ludacris. Who’s responsible for the creative direction for your visuals?

It’s a whole team. The director and his whole team. I put my ideas in there and we go crazy. I try to really be myself and show my personality in my music videos: A goofy sweetheart that can sing. 

You know the guys who usually portray to be sweethearts be dogs on the low. Do you watch Insecure?

[laughs] I feel like in my early ages I was mistreating women.

You’re still in your early stages!

[laughs] No, I’m way different. I’m talking like 16, 17. Now I’m more —

Like 3,4 years ago [laughs]

[laughs] Look, now I’m more mature. I know how to really just … you know. I had a couple more talks with mom. I look at life differently now and know how to treat women way better than I used to.

That sounds good

[laughs] Sounds good!

[laughs] The fans probably want to know if you’re in a relationship or not.

I’ve been out of a relationship for like two months now. I’ve just been chilling, doing me.

Do you get inspiration for your songs from real life? Because I was listening and thought ‘who hurt Mar Mar?’ 

[laughs] Yeah. I always used to go through the situations where I would get played or the girl chooses to mess with another dude. I feel like I love all the girls who played me because they made me in a way because I wouldn’t have made these songs if I didn’t go through that. I get a lot of inspiration from my personal life.

Sounding like the Black male Taylor Swift.

[laughs] That’s funny because I’m working on the male version of her song, “You Belong To Me.”

I can’t wait to see the visuals for that.

That’s gonna go crazy. I’m thinking about doing something similar to her video. I love Taylor Swift. My genre of music goes everywhere. I listen to everything except Metal.

[laughs] It’s easy to forget that we’re in the middle of a pandemic the way people have been living their best lives. And I can’t end this interview without asking about your mental health. How are you holding up?

Literally, its had it’s ups and downs. Not downs, I feel like its been great. The only thing that hurt is when I broke up with my ex but we good, on some friendship type vibes.

And where do you see yourself in five years?

I don’t know. Things just keep getting crazier. Right now, I’m an R&B singer but I see myself as a businessman. I wanna go more crazy in my business and music, but the business HAS to be there. I wanna die a billionaire for sure. I love doing R&B but eventually I want to have fun with my money.