Obasi Jackson Puts in ‘Work’ For his Late Brother Pop Smoke

This Canarsie native has been popping up on a few radars recently, one main reason is the release of his new video “Work.”

For those of you that don’t know, Obasi Jackson is Pop Smoke’s blood brother. So when you see this video, it serves as a tribute to Pop but also, the rebirth of Obasi Jackson.

Obasi states that “It was my time to get my Sound out there. I wanted to celebrate my brother through my artistry.” Obasi also states “I just want to continue to put my own music out and form my own legacy.”

“Work” is a melodic ode to overcoming odds and making your way up to the top from nothing. Obasi is not a newcomer, he’s has his Emotion Kid project out last year but, this year looks prime for new spark of Brooklyn sound, welcome in the Obasi movement.