Normani’s Twitter Stan Account Put On Blast As Critics Speculate Singer Runs Profile

Of Fifth Harmony’s former members, Normani’s career has had some of the biggest moments following their split, despite her not yet sharing her debut album. We’ve heard her vocals shine alongside Tinashe and Offset on Calvin Harris‘ “New To You” in recent years, not to mention her solo “Fair” single that set the tone for what’s next in this upcoming era of music. Besides that, Normani also collaborated with Cardi B on “Wild Side,” and KAYTRANADA for a must-hear remix of the same single in 2021. Fans have been eagerly waiting to hear what’s next from the multi-talent, and earlier this week, it looked like those announcements might finally be coming out. However, eagle-eyed social media sleuths were quick to speculate that the black-haired beauty might be running one of her own stan accounts on Twitter/X.

On Tuesday (February 20), R&B lovers noticed that Normani’s Instagram profile had been cleared out – this is a common tactic for many artists to usher in a new era. When @normanination reposted a screenshot of the blank account, writing, “WHAT IS HAPPENING” above it, some quickly spotted the “Edit profile” button, suggesting that whoever captured the image was already logged into the former girl group star’s profile. In the time since, however, we’ve been reminded that the same account confirmed in 2022 that it’s run by Normani’s team, not her.

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What Will Normani’s New Era Be Like?

“Unpopular opinion, but Normani can trash her album. We don’t want it, Coco Jones ended her AND we have the Bailey sisters, Mariah the Scientist, Tyla, SZA, and Summer Walker,” one critic wrote earlier this week. “She can go back to running her stan account and being a background dancer 🤷🏽‍♀️. Her career is done,” they further speculated.

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Twitter Reacts to Stan Account Allegations

Rushing to her defense, a loyal fan chimed in, “Unpopular opinion, but Normani is living rent-free in your mind.” Keep scrolling to read more Twitter/X reactions to the gossip. Are you excited for Normani to finally share her debut album? Let us know in the comments!

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