NLE Choppa Condemns McDonald’s Travis Scott Burger In The Name of Clean Eating

While fans are in a frenzy over McDonald’s Travis Scott meal, NLE Choppa encourages better nutrition.

The “Shotta Flow” rapper is on a journey to reach a spiritual, mental and physical peak. Choppa has been extremely vocal about his lifestyle changes and encourages many to follow in his footsteps. He recently vowed to no longer include violence in his musical content. In addition, he began a Youtube page to documenting his holistic lifestyle. He has gone cold turnkey on the weed and liquor consumption as well. As you can see, the 18 year-old rapper is committed.

In NLE Choppa’s attempt to persuade clean eating through plant based diet, he voices his opinion on the new Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s.

“Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too,” said the Warner Music rapper. “

“Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables!! eat plant based foods!!”

Last week La Flame joined Michael Jackson as the second celebrity in McDonalds history to collaborate with the fast food chain. The collaboration include his own meal, which includes a bacon and lettuce quarter pounder, fries and barbecue sauce. Along with the meal, Cactus Jack released a huge load of merch that included a Mickey D nuggets pillow. The “Highest In The Room” artist was swarmed by fans when he pulled up to his hometown McDonalds in Houston, TX early last week.

Despite the popularity of Travis Scott’s Mickey D’s collab, NLE Choppa is more concerned about a healthy diet amongst Black people.