Nick Cannon Announces Return to His Radio Show Following Anti-Semitic Scandal

Nick Cannon took a hiatus from his radio show after catching heat for anti-semitic remarks. But following an apology tour and the release of an explosive, two-part interview with Kanye West, he’s ready to come back like he never left.

“I’m extremely blessed and humbled, and have an incredibly meaningful opportunity to use my public platform to spread love, positivity and understanding,” Cannon said in a statement.

“I’ve come away these past few weeks with a much broader perspective on the Jewish plight throughout history, some lifelong friendships, and a newfound purpose for uniting the Black and Jewish communities of all generations to combat the systemic racism and injustices that continue to plague our world today,” he continued. “My work has just begun, and I look forward to continuing my journey toward further enlightenment.”

ViacomCBS severed ties with Nick Cannon after his comments, but the company recently announced they’re “hopeful” to continue a working relationship with the mogul.