Nia Long Cast Alongside Colman Domingo In Michael Jackson Biopic

Nia Long has been cast as the mother of Michael Jackson in a biopic due out next year. “Nia has delivered iconic performances throughout her career. I’ve been a fan for a long time because her characters stay with you. I’m excited to now work alongside her as she pours all of that into Katherine Jackson: a woman who was the glue, the rock, and the heart of the Jackson family during its best and its most turbulent times,” director Antoine Fuqua said of the casting choice.

The cast of Long rounds out the car nucleus of the Jackson family. Jafaar Jackson, the real-life nephew of Michael, will portray his uncle. Meanwhile, Oscar nominee Colman Domingo was revealed as Michael’s father Joe last week. The film, due for release in April 2025, is already being hailed by fans as a potential Oscar contender in 2026. The rest of the Jackson family is yet to be cast. Are you excited about Long’s casting? Let us know in the comments.

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Who Is Nia Long?

Best known for her comedy work, Long has been acting since the early 90s. She received acclaim for her dramatic role in Boyz n the Hood before becoming better known for comedic work. This includes the Big Momma’s House and Are We There Yet? franchises in the early 2000s. However, she has the gravitas for drama. In 2023, she appeared in the uniquely-shot Missing as the kidnapped mother of the protagonist.

However, Long is also well-known for her real-life drama. She became a central figure in the firing of Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka in 2023. After Udoka was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a team staffer, much focus was put on Long, his then-fiancee. The couple split soon after the news came to light. Later, Long publicly criticized the Celtics for not protecting her and her privacy amid the fallout from the firing and infidelity revelations.

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