Nelly Gives 12-Year-Old Girl His Jacket At Concert

Fans of Nelly are loving a reaction he had with a 12-year-old girl after a concert in Kentucky.

Tiffany Harris and her daughter Caitlyn met the rapper as he was boarding his tour bus after the concert. Nelly was worried about the 12-year-old standing in the cold, so he draped his bandana-patterned jacket over her shoulders.

“It was just so sweet the way he hugged her. He must have seen that she was cold, because he took his jacket off and draped it around her.”

The girl’s mother posted the video of the adorable encounter with the “Hot In Herre” artist, writing that her daughter was “living out her dreams.”

The entire exchange was captured on Tiktok and has since been viewed over seven million times.

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