Ne-Yo Makes Apologies To His Lady On “2 Million Secrets” Single

There have been quite a few shake-ups for Ne-Yo recently, both personally and professionally. Aside from the viral drama that often finds his name circulating on social media, the Grammy winner is also dusting things up by sharing news about his label status. According to Billboard, Ne-Yo is now independent following significant changes at Motown and Def Jam Records. With 20 years of hits and accolades under his belt, fans are excited to see what he has in store. On Friday (June 14), the singer emerged with a new single, “2 Million Secrets,” a track he first teased during his Tiny Desk performance earlier this year.

“This song took a little bit of growth on my part to even write, and even more to sing. This song is basically about owning your sh*t… Nobody is above mistakes, nobody is above redemption. You do better and you keep pushing,” Ne-Yo reportedly said. “This song is not a song, this song is a confession.”

Not only did Ne-Yo drop off his new single, but he also delivered the accompanying visual for “2 Million Secrets.” Fans have often complained that artists aren’t putting in much effort when it comes to music videos of this era, but Ne-Yo stepped up to the plate. The video opens with the singer in a precarious situation: bleeding from the mouth, tied up, with a gun to his head. At nearly 7 minutes long, the mini-movie takes viewers on a journey they don’t want to miss.

“It’s a blessing to be in this position to control my own destiny as an independent artist,” Ne-Yo also shared with Billboard. “My artistry means everything to me, and I’m excited to embrace this new beginning with ‘2 Million Secrets.’ It’s a personal song that took growth to write, but I’m proud to share it with the world.” Check out “2 Million Secrets” below and let us know what you think of Ne-Yo’s latest.

Ne-Yo Goes Undercover In “2 Million Secrets”

Quotable Lyrics:

Have you ever, ever got caught?
Talkin’ blood red-handed
Damn, I ain’t as smooth as I thought (Type sh*t)
Talkin’ each and every single lie
Everyone that you told played out on the phone that she found in your bag
And a couple of graphic videos (Oh no)
She saw it all
She saw things she can’t unsee (No way that I)
Could deny that it was me, it was me

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