Nardo Wick Fan Attack Has Charlamagne Tha God Calling For The Rapper To Ditch His Crew

Charlamagne Tha God has urged Nardo Wick to ditch his long-time crew in favor of professional security after his entourage brutally assaulted a fan. Charlamagne argued that the job of security is not to “beat people up” but instead make real-time decisions to best ensure the safety of their charge. That requires a level of training that Charlamagne argues Wick’s current crew simply doesn’t have. Furthermore, Charlamagne noted that sticking with his crew could legal to more legal headaches. The fan who was assaulted by two members of Wick’s team has already retained a lawyer.

The music world is still reeling from the horrifying video of two of Wick’s crew assaulting a fan. The video, captured by venue CCTV, shows that the man was merely trying to grab a selfie with the rapper and did not appear to pose any kind of threat. However, as the video shows, two of Wick’s crew took it upon themselves to violently assault the fan. The consequences of that attack are still unfolding.

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Nardo Wick Speaks On Fan Attack

Wick was quick to issue a statement distancing himself from the actions of his entourage after it happened. “I don’t condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any type of way. I expressed to him and his momma how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him multiple times before anything was even posted of on the internet. And I sent his mama my number instantly the night it happened. And I was even gone make a post to find out who he was before his mama text me.” Wick goes on to explain how things got out of hand so quickly. I can’t control another grown man actions, I aint know that was gone happen and I was mad when it happened.” Wick wrote on social media.

Furthermore, the two perpetrators of the attack – 34-year-old Zachary L. Benton and a 15-year-old male – turned themselves in on December 1. This came after police issued a warrant for the two men. Both men are expected to face felony assault charges. Furthermore, the unnamed 15-year-old will face an additional charge for being in possession of a gun while wearing a face mask. Additionally, TMZ learned that Wick has distanced himself from the two men. There are not part of his core crew, and instead have been described as “friends of friends”.

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